Supporting your Computer Needs for over 16 Years

Joseph brings more than 16 years of experience working with Apple products when helping each and every client.  While he’s honed his expertise working in Apple research and development, he applies his expertise to each client’s individual needs covering everything from corporate server integration to configuring the home printer and wifi solutions. Joe is “the guy” when it comes to setting up new systems, or updating existing ones. This includes moving from a PC to MAC and recommending appropriate hardware, software, and computer products. He is also “the guy” when your stuck and need personal support.


“SMART” technology is only as useful and powerful as the end user’s ability to understand and apply it.

Joe is a “master” at helping others to better understand operating systems and their applications so that they become indispensable tools. He is also a master at troubleshooting.
Dee-Ann/ William A. Leone, M.D.

The reality is, not everyone is tech savvy or has time to be, and to those I say…
“I can help you”

~ Joseph Corsino


What type of services do we offer?

Setup Apple (MAC) Systems including desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch
plus computer accessories

Network setup and configuration both wired and wireless

Printer/Scanner setup and configuration

Backup Solutions including Basic, Raid, and Online

Data Recovery (non-commercial)


Maintenance (“cleaning up” and organizing)

If you are interested in having Joseph come out to your location, you can schedule an appointment online using the schedule page on the menu.